Who or what is IMAGA? Well, IMAGA stands for "I Make Games", because that is exactly what I do. On this website I have divided my games into different groups based on how much work is needed to have a finished product.

  • Games in the idea phase
  • Games that are still being tested.
  • Games that are almost completed: They were tested and improved until satisfaction.
    All they need is a more fashionable design, a finishing touch.

My games aren't published yet so I can not release too many details about the game mechanics. Most of my game mechanics are definitely worth protecting since I have never seen them anywhere before.

Me and my goals

Hi, I'm Maarten. Young, dynamic and creative. I usually don't have the tendency to brag but this one time it's permitted. I would like to be a fresh wind through the land of board gaming. What I lack of experience, I back up with creativity and enthusiasm. Every game I make, must be at its best. I'm not satisfied with less. That doesn't mean it should be complicated or strategic. It should fit its purpose and it should be fun to play! So originality and fun, those are my goals for every game I make!

It's reasonable to say that I'm only a hobbyist. My goal however is to kick it up a few notches and become a professional game designer. The best way for me to do this is by making this website, to show you what I'm capable off. Surely, I'm aware there are many people with games ideas and few that can make a living out of it. But I can no longer ignore this my talent and I have to give it a shot.

Do you want more?

If you are eager to see more you should visit the other pages. However, they are protected by a magic code. In case you want to request your own log-in code or if you have any other questions I'd like to redirect you to the contact page. Please let me know, if you have suggestions how to improve my website for a better user experience. Any other reaction is welcome as well.


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